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The front end of a classic 1963 T-Bird

Your Classic Car Connection


At Madn’s Garage, our goal is to allow people who really care about antique automobiles to relive their motoring memories and create new ones. Founded by Melissa, Arlene, Daniel & Nathan Kohut, Madn’s Garage connects buyers, sellers  and swappers with machines that generate excitement, revive the concept of craftsmanship, and allow classic car buffs  to share their passion with family and friends.  





What Matters Greatly at Madn's Garage


Madn’s Garage core values are Family, Integrity and Passion. These values we hold, fuel the drive we have for fulfilling the needs of our clients, whether they are buyers, sellers or those looking to trade their vintage vehicles.. Madn’s Garage truly wants the experience to be enjoyable creating life long friendships. 


Meet Danny, Your "Buddy in the Business"

Danny Kohut has been a "car guy" since he was a child. His first motorized vehicle was a Honda Z50 when he was 5 years old.

Danny's first car, at Danny's family inspired the name Madn's the tender age of 14, was a 1976 Ford Maverick he had purchased for $400. It needed a lot of love. Danny and his dad spent many nights working on that Maverick; lovingly restoring it  so  when Danny obtained his driver’s licence the Maverick was ready for cruising. Danny, now raising his own family, wants to help fellow car fanatics find their first classic or the next vintage vehicle in their private collection. At Madn's, carefully restored cars are almost as important as our car-crazy clients.






Madn's - Automotive Antiquity is Our Specialty

If classic beauties like this 1984 Mustang don't get your heart racing, you may be unconsciousMadn’s Garage offers collectible automobiles, from original survivor to quality driver, show, and investment cars. We specialize in muscle cars, 50s and 60s classics, hot rods, rat rods, modern performance, luxury and exotic cars as well as sport trucks and four wheel drive trucks. Hooked on the classics? Trust AMVIC-certified Madn's when buying, selling or trading your four-wheeled passion.